Wednesday March 12th found us hurtling up the M1 to Bradford. Great to be back on the road again.

Sadie and the Hotheads performing in Tunbridge Wells

Criss-crossing the Capital, west to east, north to south and back again by road and rail, clocking up the miles on this, our longest tour to date.

Sadie and the Hotheads in Basingstoke

Basingstoke, nicknamed "Doughnut City" because of the number of large roundabouts, and often mistaken for a ‘new town’, is actually an old market town.

Fernham Hall, Fareham

And so to the ‘local’ gigs. We’re making our own way until the trip back up north to Bradford on March 12th.

Sadie and the Hotheads soundchecking at Birmingham Symphony Hall

Pulling in to Birmingham I notice how much it has changed since I my college days of the early ’70’s.

The Sage, Gateshead

We left Perth in early Spring sunshine, heading down the east coast, past Lindisfarne - the island, not the band.

Danica Chapman by her relatives grave in Perth

 Our day off in Perth dawned: beautiful, crisp and cold. It felt right.

...from a moment resting on the way

Sade and the Hotheads at Warrington's Parr Hall

The beautiful Parr Hall on Palmyra Square, built for the people of Warrington by Joseph Parr and opened in 1898, was our home on Sunday night.

Sadie and the Hotheads at New Brighton Floral Pavillion

After breakfast, and a stroll into Warrington town centre with Nick and Terl, we all climb aboard the magic bus for the trip out to the seaside town of New Brighton.